Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kate gets mail, learns to make an animated GIF

At long last, I have received a copy of Empty Magazine. I am blown away by the work of the artists featured inside, and feel privelaged to be shown alongside them. Empty is seemingly only interested in printing artwork that is exactly my taste.

Ever since I saw it on my friend Morgan Blair's blog, I've dreamed of creating an animated GIF featuring my favorite pages of a classy art magazine with my work in it. Now, thanks to Empty Magazine and GIF instructions on Yahoo! answers, I finally have.

Empty Mag
Amazing work from a variety of artists

Empty has begun printing image-only editions, so I am lucky enough to have my work printed full-page inside.



In recent affairs, I have finished two new paintings, but due to the Christmas-presentness of their nature, I am forced to postpone their posting until after the holidays. That being said, I have yet to begin Christmas shopping, and apologize in advance to anyone who receives a gift from me this year, as I assure you it is going to be purchased with much love, but also with much haste and last-minute panic.

Also, if Santa is reading this, I would really like an ice-cream maker for Christmas so that I could stop spending $8 on tart frozen yogurts from Berry Chill every time I go to Chicago.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Empty Update- Design is Kinky

Issue 17 of Empty Magazine, much to my delight, is already available to purchase through Empty's website. You can order a copy here, or just find your way there through Empty's home page. The cover artist is Sophie Jodoin, and the issue features artwork from many other artists, including myself.

Design is Kinky was also kind enough to post a link to my site on their web page. Be sure to check out my link as well as links to other radical contemporary artists on their site.

Are we not bringing the word "radical" back yet?
And because I believe every blog post should have an image, here is a picture of what it looks like to get in a fight at an Olafur Eliasson exhibit.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Empty Magazine, Issue 17

Some of my artwork is featured in Empty Magazine, Issue 17, which was just released for December.
Empty is an Australian art and Design magazine based out of Sydney and it is produced by the people from Design is Kinky. I have not seen Issue 17 for myself, but the editor assured me that my work is indeed in there somewhere.

Empty is not typically distributed to the States, but you can order subscriptions or back issues from the website at As I, Kate Pfeiffer, am incredibly fond of work by Kate Pfeiffer, I highly recommend ordering some back issues of 17 once it becomes available. Or, if you live in Australia, just run over to a specialized book store or news stand and pick one up.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Caggio Opening

Thanks to everyone that came to the gallery opening on October 16th! There was a good turnout- I barely bought enough Family-Sized bags of Cheetos to appease the masses.

If you missed the opening, you can still see the show through November 16th.

Ceramic work by Michael Imes

Bassist Barry Clark

Setting up the delicious delicious Cheetos table.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gallery Night Show at Caggio

This Friday is Gallery Night in Milwaukee. Be sure to stop by Caggio to check out the work of Michael Imes, Tara Borger, and myself. Listen to some music, eat some cheese, look at some art. I will be there in a dress and (possibly) heels. I am planning on having 9 works up for sale/ your viewing pleasure. High-fives are free.

Here are some works being shown for the first time.

Check out more at Caggio's Website.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Check out my work in the Reader's Art section of! Click here to give it a look.