Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Art!

Here are two paintings I completed recently:

oil on canvas
30" x40"

oil on canvas
24" x 36"

As a reminder, I have another new painting on display at Sullivan Galleries, which you can see at one of two "Art of Connection" show openings this Thursday or Friday.  The show will be up through mid-February, 2012.

Art of Connection Opening 

Thursday, December 8th, 7-9pm and
Friday, December 9th, 5:30-7pm

Sullivan Galleries
33 South State Street, 7th Floor
Chicago, IL

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Student Artwork & Show Opening

Early in 2010, I was contacted by Lance Taylor, a teacher from a high school located in an outer suburb of Perth, Western Australia. He had seen my artwork in Empty magazine and asked if I would be willing to be interviewed as a contemporary working artist by his senior art class as part of their research. Of course, I was excited to help.

As a result of the project, some of the students chose to create artwork inspired by my Clutter series, in which they portrayed themselves in their own environment, surrounded by their personal possessions. Below is one of those pieces, created by then-senior, Fraser Nightingale:

Artwork by Fraser Nightingale
Charcoal and color washes on paper

It is clear that a great deal of work was put into this beautifully-rendered art piece, and I thank Fraser for agreeing to let me post it.  I especially love the shoe, helmet, and the striped bedsheets. And I'm always a sucker for electronics cords.

I am honored to have been interviewed by the class and ecstatic to have been inspiration for the students' art practice!


In other news, one of my new paintings will be in an art exhibition, "Art of Connection".  All are welcome to attend the opening on Friday, December 9th, from 4:30-7pm.

 The exhibition features the work of  students graduating from the Masters of Art in Art Therapy program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), and/or the people they work with at their internship sites. 

Friday, December 9th
4:30- 7:00pm 

Sullivan Galleries
33 South State Street, 7th Floor
Chicago, IL 60603 
As additional incentive, there will be several other SAIC student shows going on simultaneously in the same (very large) gallery space, and also delicious, delicious food.  I would love to see you there!

In MORE other news, I have several new paintings that I've completed, and several other paintings in progress.  High-quality images of some of my new work will be posted just after Thanksgiving. For  now, however, I will provide an extremely low-quality preview taken from my seat on the floor, with the needle-sized camera on my computer:

 One of my recently-completed paintings and part of my bookshelf.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, or a happy Thursday if you don't live in America!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Opening Photos

Show Opening- September 2nd, Gallery 2622



Thank you to everyone who attended. I couldn't have asked for a more exciting night. It was a great turnout and a lot of fun!

The show is up for the remainder of September at:

Gallery 2622
2622, Wauwatosa Avenue
Wauwatosa, WI 53210

En lieu of regular gallery hours, call the owner, John Korom at the number above to let him know when you would like to come view the work. And if you happen to be walking by, take a look at the work through the huge gallery windows.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Solo Show Opening- Also, Hamburg!

I'm excited to announce the opening of my first solo art show at Gallery 2622. The show will feature never-before shown work, including all of my latest paintings and sketches and some work that has not yet been shown online. I will be there for the entire opening and would love if you could drop in to see my work and say hello.

Opening Information
Date: Friday, September 2nd
Time: 6:00pm- 9:00pm
Gallery 2622
2622 N. Wauwatosa Avenue
Wauwatosa, WI

There will be refreshments and plenty of awesome art to look at! Everyone is welcome so please inform art-lovers and bring your friends. I hope to see you there!

If you are unable to stop in for the opening, the show will be up for the entirety of September. If you'd like see the show after the opening reception, just call gallery at 414.257.2622 to let the owner, John Korom, know you're dropping by.


Additionally, for those of you who read this blog and also live in Germany (hundreds of you, no doubt), the album cover I submitted to the AMOS Showtime project will be shown alongside hundreds of others at the museum Beatlemania, located in Hamburg, from September 16th through December 31st. Address and contact information for the museum is located on Beatlemania's very German website, which I won't pretend to be able to read, despite my German genes and love for sauerkraut.

If you are unable to attend the show in Hamburg, all available album artwork (with Amos' album inside, of course) are available for your viewing pleasure and potential purchase at the AMOS Showtime Gallery web page. My particular piece is located here. My piece's price will also be reduced from 450 Euros to 279 Euros as soon as the website is updated within the next week or two (hooray!)

I hope to see you at my solo show, and if you somehow attend my German show, shoot me an email and let me know how it went!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Work

Here are a few pieces I've finished recently. In addition to my usual graphite/painting technique I've been working with oil on canvas for the first time in years and it has been pretty exciting.

oil on canvas
24" x 36"


Holly Jolly
Oil and graphite on paper
29" x 42.5"

Wonder Woman, ________, Puppylove, Cindy, & Bigfeet
Oil and graphite on children's bedsheets
23" x 30"

You'll notice I left a blank on the title of the last painting, and that is because I forgot the name of one of the Barbies between the time I started the painting and now. I have emailed the 5-year-old who owns the Barbies for consultation, and hope to get the name of the second Barbie from the left within the next few days. I also am proud to say that, while the aforementioned 5-year-old came up with most of the Barbies' names, I named Cindy myself. Also, Cindy is a princess.

I have a few other paintings in the works so you can look forward to more updates soon. In the mean time I recommend you go play outside, because summer is awesome.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Poets & Artists Magazine

The new issue of Poets & Artists is available to view and buy online, and I am lucky enough to be featured on pages 16-19. The article includes some images of my work, as well as an interview. Most importantly, it features 100 pages of phenomenal figurative artists and artwork and poetry from talented writers.

Oooooo, Ahhhhh!

You can view the current issue in hi-res here.
You can also read about the magazine or buy a PDF or hard copy of the 100-page issue at

Special thanks to editor Didi Menendez for contacting me to be included in the issue.


As many of you know, I was recently named a finalist for the position of the 2011 Pfister Hotel Artist-in-Residence. Unfortunately for myself, I was not chosen this year. The honor went to Shelby Keefe. However, I want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement during the voting and selection process. I also want to thank the Pfister and InterContinental hotel for supporting the arts and for including me in the Finalists art show back in January-February. I will be sure to apply in the future. I WILL have private studio space one day, world!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Work, Post-opening thank yous

First off, I want to thank everyone who was able to make my show opening at Gallerie M on Janaury 21st. For those of you who couldn't make it, the show will be up through mid-February, so if you missed it you can head down to Gallerie M, within the InterContinental in Milwaukee (139 E. Kilbourn Ave., Milwaukee, WI) until then. Make sure to vote for me at the ballot box while you're there!

Here are two newly-finished paintings to kick off February.

25" x 16"
Acrylic and graphite on illustration board

Self Portrait
30" x 40"
oil on canvas

Also, the public vote for the next Pfister Artist-in-Residence is still going through mid February, so remember to vote for me and TELL OTHERS how to vote so I can spend a year doing nothing but paint and exist in an aura of happiness in my free, awesome studio. More info on the residence is listed on the previous blog post, but here are some voting reminders:

Text "Kate" to 22333 (do it right now!)
Vote Online:
Twitter: Write your vote for Kate with #ArtistinResidence in the tweet
Facebook: "Like" InterContinental Milwaukee, then write your vote for Kate on their wall

For those of you in Milwaukee, you can put ballots into a box at Gallerie M within the InterContinental in Milwaukee, or you can vote at the Pfister Hotel outside of the studio of the current Artist-in-Residence.

Another good way to vote is to pretend you forgot your cell phone, then ask people around you to borrow theirs so that you can text-vote for me using their phone as well.

I'm now going to eat roasted Chestnuts and watch movies to prepare myself for the epic snowstorm about to pound the midwest. For those of you in my area of the country, I recommend focusing not on how you'll have to dig your car out from 4 feet of wind-blown snow tomorrow, but on how awesome it will be to go sledding when work/school is inevitably canceled. Stay warm!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Vote for me! Vote! VOTE!

Hello all
I am one of 6 finalists up for the 2011 Artist-in-Residence position at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee. Voting has begun today! Here are all of the different ways to vote for me:

Text: Text "Kate" to 22333.
Twitter: "I vote for Kate Pfeiffer #ArtistinResidence
Facebook: "Like" InterContinental Milwaukee on facebook, then post your vote on their wall
Manual Ballot Box: Ballot boxes are located at Gallerie M and at the Artist in Residence Studio at the Pfister in downtown Milwaukee

Personally, I recommend voting
all of the different ways, but that is just me.

You may also watch my video interview (taken from the Pfister Blog) here:

Search for the Next Pfister Artist in Residence: Kate Pfeiffer from PfisterHotel on Vimeo.

Voting will take place for the next few weeks. Tell art-connoisseur friends! Tell regular friends! Tell confused strangers!

And don't forget to come to one of my 2 show openings on January 21st.

Gallerie M
Intercontinental, Milwaukee (139 E. Kilbourn Ave., Milwaukee WI)
Opening reception January 21st, 5-9PM

Gallery Nucleus
210 E. Main Street, Alhambra, CA
Opening reception January 21st, 7-10PM

Society of Illustrators Los Angeles

My piece "5th of July" recently received a Bronze Award in the Gallery category from the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles (SILA). I am elated about the award.

The award exhibition, Illustration West 49, will be held at Gallery Nucleus, in Alhambra, CA. The opening reception will be on January 21st from 7-10PM. The exhibition is sure to be phenomenal, as it contains artwork from talented illustrators from around the country.

49th Annual Illustration West Exhibition
January 21st- January31st
Opening Reception 7-10PM, January 21st Gallery Nucleus
210 E. Main St., Alhambra 91801

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gallery Night, Residence Opportunity, and New Work

Happy New Year everyone! My original resolution was to avoid getting a cold using nothing but vitamin C and sheer will, but I've already failed. My new resolution is to be a less serious board-game player, since I've gotten in 5 real-life fights with my brother in the last week while playing board games.

Here is some new work:

oil on masonite
18" x 24"

oil on masonite
18" x 24"

oil and charcoal on illustration board
21" x 26"

In other news, I have been selected as a finalist for the Artist in Residence position at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee. Five Milwaukee-area artists and myself will be showing at Gallery M from January 21st through mid February, and each of us are hoping to be the 2011 Pfister Artist in Residence. While the final decision is made by a panel of judges, everyone has the ability to vote for his or her favorite artist.

I highly recommend voting for me. I am my favorite candidate for the position.

The opening reception will occur on Gallery Night, January 21st, from 5-9PM at Gallery M, located at the Intercontinental in Milwaukee. Come in, see some amazing art, and vote! In addition to art, there will be live music, appetizers, cocktails, and me in a dress, so come in and say hi!

Apparently there is going to be a live-feed twitter and text voting, which means that I will probably have to give in to creating a Twitter account. It also hopefully means people will be able to vote even if they can't make the event. I will definitely keep you updated on how to vote as I get more information.

You can find directions and more information about Gallery Night & Day here. After the show, be sure to check out the show of the current Pfister Artist in Residence, Katie Musolff, who will be having a show and reception at the Pfister from 9PM to 11:30. You can read more about Katie Musolff and the Pfister Artist in Residence program here.

Finally, here is a peek at the painting I'm currently working on:

Self-Portrait (In Progress)
oil on canvas
30" x 40"