Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Work

Here are a few pieces I've finished recently. In addition to my usual graphite/painting technique I've been working with oil on canvas for the first time in years and it has been pretty exciting.

oil on canvas
24" x 36"


Holly Jolly
Oil and graphite on paper
29" x 42.5"

Wonder Woman, ________, Puppylove, Cindy, & Bigfeet
Oil and graphite on children's bedsheets
23" x 30"

You'll notice I left a blank on the title of the last painting, and that is because I forgot the name of one of the Barbies between the time I started the painting and now. I have emailed the 5-year-old who owns the Barbies for consultation, and hope to get the name of the second Barbie from the left within the next few days. I also am proud to say that, while the aforementioned 5-year-old came up with most of the Barbies' names, I named Cindy myself. Also, Cindy is a princess.

I have a few other paintings in the works so you can look forward to more updates soon. In the mean time I recommend you go play outside, because summer is awesome.