Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Painting, Old News

A new Painting!

14" x 18"
Acrylic and Sharpie

In older but equally excellent news, a few months ago I received a copy of Semi-Permanent 2010 edition. I have yet to see something from Design is Kinky that I don't absolutely love.

Semi-Permanent 2010

Just a small sampling of the over 200 images in the book.

Much to my delight, my 5th of July painting was featured in the book as well.

The Semi-Permanent book can be purchased from the Design is Kinky website. I don't know why I even just linked that, since it is clearly already bookmarked on your computer. Right? Riiiight?

In other news, I will be moving to Chicago in August, so I'm scrambling to get ready for the big move. However, it would be wrong of me not to acknowledge that I have neglected you, blog readers, and I promise to update you in the near future, even if it means I need to postpone my search for an affordable apartment that allows dogs and has parking space. DO YOU EXIST, FUTURE APARTMENT?

If you get bored in the meantime, I suggest you waste a few hours here. Enjoy!